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New Electric Vehicle concepts

Our new Electric Vehicle Concepts are vehicles that have been completed in the past few years and some that are under construction at this time.

Four Door Facade                Wheel Chair Van                 Reverse Trike                   E-venton

Electric Facade four door
P3740delivery1 - Copy.jpg
Electric Lambo

To creating a new fiberglass molds you must first create the original full scale model or (plug). Once the molds are made then you can reproduce the body parts that look the same as your original model. Making the life size finished sculpture can take months to even years to get things to look the way you want.

The saddest thing to creating your life size sculpture is it is unusable and unneeded after the molds are built. Throwing away months of work in the trash is not a good day. But you do have your production molds to work with.

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