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Electric City Cars

We started offering our City Cars, NEV's (neighborhood electric vehicle's) back in the 1980's. They were designed for city streets with top speeds less than 55 mph.

 This was a safer option than the typical golf cart for the private communities and the elderly that need vehicles to travel in their private communities. All the NEV vehicles are full sized replicas of vintage hot rods and concept designs from Electric Vehicle Concepts built with modern electric components.

The lead acid batteries was all that was available in the 1970's and 80's. We modified the golf cart chassis to fit our full sized kit car replica bodies in the early days. With the taller wheels and tires it gave us higher speeds. With the heavy lead acid batteries this was a bit to much for the golf cart brakes. In 1984 we began using the A123 spiral cell lithium ion battery cells. This dropped hundreds of pounds of weight and made a much safer vehicle.

With our association with  Spherical Fiberglass Designs  we began designing our own unique custom creations along with using some of the fiberglass replicas created by other kit car manufactures. There are many different body styles of past classic's and e-v concepts designs to choose from. For the past fifty plus years E-V Concepts has continually been designing prototype electric vehicle concepts mounted on custom built chassis's and OEM chassis's. Our design concepts have been commissioned by individual clients or other companies from around the world.

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