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Motorcycles / Reverse Trikes

We have two body styles in our motorcycle line. The old school looks of the early American bikes and a design straight out of the future. Both designed and commissioned by other international electric car companies.

Electric R trike.jpg
Reverse trike electric.jpg
04 - Mino-Concept.jpg

With light weight lithium batteries appearing in the early 1980's we are able to create the same power that propels our 3500 pound cars in a 300 pound motorcycle. Both are designed for freeway speeds and use five speed transmissions with belt drives.

For some of our older clients including myself that no longer feel comfortable on their two wheeled motorcycles. Our Reverse trikes are some of our newest designs. Fully enclosed with airbag safety but insurance cost of the motorcycles.

Our Electric Reverse Trike concepts have been under construction since in 2020.  We have some open air convertible concepts and some hard top designs. As in the past we have tried to use mass produced donor vehicles. We have mass produced electric vehicles that are possible donor vehicles for the reverse trikes. These conceptual design ideas are from clients.

              Electric Conversion kits

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