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​​ Owning an exotic custom car is a dream for many of us. The kit car industry was founded on those dreams. Having a $200,000 car that can run 200 mph as your daily commuter is not very practical. Having a no maintenance electric exotic vehicle that looks like a million dollars was why Electric Vehicle Concepts was created. Still today in 2022 we are living the dream and building it for others.

The Berlinetta Boxster (BB512) Ferrari was my dream car at 20 years old in the 1970's. Creating my own fiberglass electric powered Belinetta kit car was the first of many electric vehicle concepts. These are some of the electric conversion builds we have done over the past fifty years using the same fiberglass molds for the Berlinetta. Using different donor car chassis's gives a different look for each client.

In my younger days I was inspired by the Italian made Ferrari's. Spending time parked in rush hour traffic is not the place for exotic high speed cars. Living in the United States there is no place like the Autobahn to take advantage of the high speeds they are capable of. Creating my own electric powered kit car was the answer to both worlds.

I started building electric kit cars (slot cars) at the age of ten. Soldering together copper tube chassis's and rewinding motors. Replica scaled down models came from the toy section of the big chain stores and the slot car tracks. Custom car building on the kitchen table. The fascination of building and racing electric cars has continued threw my adult life. This is what started Electric Vehicle Concepts. Now running fifty years sharing my passion.

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