Electric Vehicle Concepts started back in the early 70's building electric conversions and electric kit cars. We are still offering the same electric car building services in 2020. Since our beginning we have been designing unique electric vehicle concepts that have not been offered by any other companies in the world. Our hopes was to offer individuals a choice for their personal transportation in the future.

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Electric vehicle concepts is a full service custom car building facility. From chassis design and fabrication to concept body designs and production. Our electric vehicle concepts have been commissioned by private individuals and public companies around the world.

We provide the most advanced electric drive components and electric conversion kits for concept cars, trucks, motorcycles, boat propulsion systems, various types of handicap vehicles, utility and electric powered racing vehicles. We offer technical support to interested consumers, electric vehicle hobbyists, conversion shops, municipal utilities, and learning institutions.

Since 2016 we finally have batteries that can provide the power and range at affordable prices. E-V Concepts has only waited fifty years for these times. This is the time for high performance no maintenance electric custom vehicles.

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Berlinetta - Ferrari

The 1976 Boxster Berlinetta designed by Ferrari that started our dream car collection. The BB512 in it's day was as fine as it got. Nothing in the world compared to it in my view. There was no place to enjoy the speeds it could do here in the US. So the next best thing was to create a fake one out of fiberglass and propel it with an emissions free electric drive. This was our first electric vehicle concept.