Electric Vehicle Concepts started back in the early 70's making electric conversions and electric kit car customs. We are still offering the same electric car building service in 2020. Our electric kit car line offers our electric vehicle kit car concept designs and some of the vintage replicas from the past. Most all of our electric vehicle concepts have been commissioned by private individuals and public companies. The design concepts are collaborations by the owners and E-V Concepts. We are ready to build your electric vehicle concept.

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In my younger days I was inspired by the Italian made Ferrari's. Spending time parked in rush hour traffic is not the place for exotic high speed cars. Living in the United States there was no place like the Autobahn to take advantage of the power and speed. Creating my own electric powered kit car was the answer to both worlds.


I started building electric kit cars (slot cars) at the age of ten. Soldering together copper tube chassis's and rewinding motors. Replica scaled down models came from the JC Penny's and the slot car track.

The fascination of building and racing electric cars has continued threw my adult life. This is what started Electric Vehicle Concepts. Now running fifty years sharing my passion.

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Charleston, South Carolina

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